The Shadow of a young woman, her unconscious self, goes on a journey to find and kill the Ego, her conscious self.

The film is inspired by Carl Yung’s theory about the Psyche which is the totality of all psychic processes , conscious as well as unconscious.  The Shadow is the part which represents anything repressed and hidden. The Ego is the Persona, the personality we choose to be consciously, and especially the part of ourselves we want the others to see.



Writer Loukas Giasiranis

Director Loukas Giasiranis

Editing by Loukas Giasiranis

Cinematography by Konstantinos Karadenizlis, Lena Kanelopoulou, Jim Georgantis

Make up Zaina Black, Katerina Xagorari


Helen Grin


Nikos Lamprou
Lykourgos Venakis
George Venakis
Stathis Telemes
Panagiotis Giasiranis