A photographer is proud for being awarded because in a battle he did the right thing. Truth sometimes is an obscure idea and a Click might not represent the truth. Images show only one side.


Writer Nikos Lamprou
Director Nikos Lamprou
Assistant director Loukas Giasiranis
Cinematography by Loukas Giasiranis
Assistant Cinematographer Konstantinos Karadenizlis
Editing by Loukas Giasiranis
Coloring by Loukas Giasiranis
Sound by Ichomythia


Tassos Roussis Photographer
Virginia Maroula Awarded subject
Dimitris Karasaridis Killer
Antigoni Skoumpourdi Ceremony host
Thanasis Papadopoulos Explosion victim
Giota Paouri Fan
Stathis Telemes Explosion victim
Despoina Chatzispyridi Fan
Pantelis Anglelidakis Explosion victim
Giorgos Stavrou Fan
Loukas Giasiranis Arms dealer
Nikos Lamprou Fighter on ruins
Vasilis Georgakopoulos Man in ruins
Efi Sviga Woman on ruins
Martha Giannakopoulou
Woman on ruins
Sofia Kourouniotou Woman on ruins
Dimitra Skiadopoulou Woman on ruins
Dimitra Louvari Victim on ruins
Nikos Georgiopoulos Fighter in bushes

Click has been filmed in the Stroggylo School in Agios Dimitrios in Athens.

The short story Click is included in the book Paizoume Polemo (in Greek language) published by Moraites Publications.