When the end is near, a silent visitor approaches. His touch is deadly. Yet there are moments, he does not want to touch even if he knows that he cannot avoid it. This is the day Death does not have the will to do what he must.



Writer Nikos Lamprou

Director Nikos Lamprou

Assistant Director Loukas Giasiranis

Cinematography by Konstantinos Karadenizlis

Coloring by Giorgos Poimenidis

Make up Sofia Kourouniotou

Music by Nikos Sarikostas


Dimitris Kalligeros Death

Panagiotis Marioleas Old man
Alexandra Panteli Junky
Helen Grin Car accident victim
Loukas Giasiranis Car accident victim
Nikos Lamprou Car accident victim
Sofia Kourouniotou Car accident victim
Giannis Triantafyllou Suicidal
Eleftheria Papadaki Runner
Katerina Ioannou Woman that helps
Chara Fyseki Woman that helps
Vanessa Bpoummana Girl on stairs
Katerina Xagorari Car accident victim
Despoina Spanou Beggar
Mary Karathanasi Mother

Charis Theodorou Karathanasi Kid